PL 009

Upper Limbs

Machine Weight100kg

Machine Weight100kg

The Power machine is very robust, with an imposing image, thus assumes a quality of service of excellence for each user, and can enjoy a safe and very complete workout.

The technology of biomechanics is convergent work which determines greater effectiveness in training, leading to a desired muscle balance and postural correction, because we can work the body either together or separated by laterality.


- Machine with a very imposing design.

- Easy use for the student, all adjustments with informative color (yellow).

- Piston seat height adjustments in Oil Hydraulics.

- Very efficient biomechanics, allows very natural motor trajectory selection lines. The movement is smooth and fluid.

- Its seats and backrests are ergonomic, allowing the user a physiologically correct posture in the movement extrusion, creating comfort and safety.

- TFT Repetition Counter / Seconds and Series.

- Piston seat height adjustments in oil hydraulic.

- High / strength nylon pulleys, 105x20mm, w / sealed bearings 6202RS.

- PVC sheathed steel cable 5.5 / 6 mm outside diameter.

- 6.6mm PVC sheathed steel cable with 1400KGF outer diameter.

- Painting: Powder coating with 2 rounds (+ varnish)

- Tube 1: Oval tube, 50x150mm, thickness 3mm.

- Tube 2: Oval tube, 50x100mm, thickness 3mm.

- Tube 3: Oval tube, 60mm, thickness 3mm.

- Weight plates made of steel.

- Upholstery: PU foam with synthetic leather.

(optional leather color + possible upholstery sewing thread customization)

- Side Protection: Available color - Black or Gray.

- Frame Color: Customizable.

- Water support.

- Towel Support.


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Upper Limbs

Upper Limbs