The Company

Ellipse Fitness is a company that provides services in the area of sports and fitness, our range of services is mainly Equipment, we offer a wide range of high-tech equipment from Fitness, Cardio Fitness, Free Weights, Floors, Lessons Materials, Thermal group, Tha Cage, paving and balneary materials.

Our goal is that our customers feel a total follow-up in the acquisition of equipment, or in after-sales service and technical assistance customized.

The concept of selling that we have is not limited only to supplies, but to serve and collaborate in an active way in everything the customer needs either directly or through our resellers or distributors / representatives.

We have direct selling and oficial distributors for all Europe.

All our equipment are guaranteed a minimum of 2 years (except for rapid wear of the equipment), some up to 5 years depending on the equipment, giving you the possibility to undertake maintenance contracts beyond the warranty.

Our company has technicians with vast experience in sports areas, which can provide support from the layout in different stages of designing a sports center, whatever the category.

The layout, ranging from architecture, construction, decoration of the space to the management, for marketing (design, application forms, training, etc.), providing all the tools needed for success by ensuring excellent service to future customers zero cost, because we believe that your success is our success.