MAX 001

Treadmill G-FIT

Machine Weight220kg
Maximum User Weight180kg

Machine Weight220kg
Maximum User Weight180kg

The MAX G-FIT Treadmill is an equipment with avant-garde design, with an excellent quality price ratio.

This carpet is PVC insulated on the side, so the possibility of corrosion is minimal as there is little area exposed to possible contact with sweat.

A distinction of several brands is that the rug has a saving technology, ie when the rug is stopped for more than 5 minutes it goes into savings by turning itself off. To get back to work normally, just press START once and it turns on again, the second CLICK will boot to the desired job.


- Heart rate sensor: Intelligent heart rate test system.

- Safe and comfortable.

- Emergency stop (STOP).

- 18.5 inch LED Digital Touch Display.

- 12 exercise programs, 3 custom programs, 1 HRC.

- Display time, speed, inclination, heart rate, distance and calories.

- Structure: stability system, anti-noise system.

- Main frame: welded steel with 3mm-8mm tube thickness

- Painting: Powder coating with 2 rounds (+ varnish)

- Power: Base 5.0HP - Maximum 7.8HP (Alternating Current).

- Voltage & Frequency: 220V + 10% 50 / 60HZ

- Super Quiet Engine.

- Technology - Mitsubishi.

- Max speed 1-24km / h.

- Canvas area 3320x560mmx4mm thickness (Running zone) - Germany Siegling system.

- Roll: diameter 85mm length: 590mm

- Running zone: 1500mm (length) x 540mm (width).

- Asseismatic elastic running plate.

- Unique quadruple shock absorption technique.

- Automatic lubrication system with reservoir.

- 0/20% inclination.

- Safety Railing: Wide and thick, makes the user feel safe. Very comfortable for its smooth texture (high quality material).

- Front transport wheels.

- Removable rear supports.


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Treadmill G-FIT

Treadmill G-FIT